Granite Countertops

At Earthstone Countertops, LLC, you will find many stones such as Granite, Marble, Quartz, and Solid Surfurce. We have a large inventory of exotic and slab colors available to our customers. In addition, we offer a complete line of undermount stainless and porcelain sinks. Countertop installation in your home or business is included in Earthstone Countertops' prices.


Once the cabinets are installed, a skilled Earthstone Countertops, LLC's technician will do a template for all countertops to be installed. Invoicing takes place directly off the template measurements. Estimates may be derived based on square footage of material and any addtional charges, such as cooktop or sink cut outs, undermounting and provision of kitchen stainless sinks or porcelain vanity sinks.


We offer our customers shower enclosures and tub surrounds. Whether it is for a new bathroom or a spectacular remodel, Earthstone's shower enclosures, tub surrounds, and decks will make your bathroom look sensational. The silky smooth finish is resistant to mold and mildew and easy to maintain. Custom sizes or standard sizes are available for installation.

Granite Designs

Granite with a Cooking Top!

The beauty of having a cooking top over granite is indeed astonishing. It is not only more attractive to the family members but also appealing to your home guests. In addition, it is easier to clean and maintain, giving you the flexibility of cleaning it more often and lesser cluter in the kitchen.


Stainless Steel Undermount Sinks!

Undoubtedly, stainless steel undermount sinks give your kitchen an extra touch of high class, not only due to cosmetic and aesthetic reasons, but also for cleanliness. Water does not seep under the sink overlaping borders of the regular sinks; thus, giving you a safer and cleaner space under your kitchen sink cabinet or under your vanity sink.



Granite in Your Bathroom Vanity and Shower!

Bathrooms with granite vanity countertops and shower surrounds and walls are a major advantage over conventional bathrooms designs. Their low-maintenance and appearance are the primary reasons. Heavy caulking maintenance becomes a thing of the past! Therefore, why not remodel both your bathroom and your kitchen together?

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are the new low-maintenance alternative for home and business use with high countertops area traffic. Not only they are stronger than granite, but also they do not require resealing. In addition, they are highly resistant to scratches and stains and have also a large variety of colors.

Marble Countertops and Fireplace Mantels

Marble's beauty makes it one of the most outstanding stones in the market. Although it is soft by nature, it is mostly used in bathroom vanities, tub surrounds, fireplace mantels, and floors in custom-built homes. Marble colors range from a rich deep colors to lighter earthly tones which will suit most elegant applications.

Solid Surface Countertops

Solid Surface Countertops are of durable, man-made acrylic to provide years of low maintenance and low cost beuaty and service. They resist stains, moisture, sunlight and heat. We offer a wide assortment of colors, patterns, and finishes. Most importantly, they repel moisture and inhibits growth of mold and bacteria.

Quartz & Marble Designs





Quartz is Durable and an Elegant Stone!

Quartz is ideal for heavy traffic areas as it is heavier and stronger than granite. We recommend it primarily for business and commercial applications.



A Fireplace Mantel to Desire!

Marble for fireplaces and floors is extremely elegant. Although you may see marble more often in custom-built homes, marble is also affordable to all our customers due to our low prices.


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